16 December 2008

Diagnose Me, Please

If my hypothetical frequency was 700mhz, then my friend meg's would be 950mhz. Basically, what I'm saying is we operate on the same frequency. But wait! The numbers are different. Well, two transmissions can't actually operate on the same frequency together because the signals get mixed and jumbled and the message source becomes unclear. So we operate on different frequencies, but we understand each other's transmissions very acutely. So, paradox? Does this point make sense? Why did I bother with the analogy? Either way I'm reducing us both to aspects of machinery. Yes, we are slowly becoming robots. Posthumanism replaces Postmodernism. 

The reason for Meghan's mention, her first little blog post at Name This Psychological Disease. I know I have some psychological disease, but I researched all the popular ones and mine doesn't quite fit the material. Has my disease been invented yet? If not, then what am I experiencing? I go crazy all the time. But I'm technically not crazy because my mental state has no name? It'll be named eventually, but will it make me feel better? When you have OCD, does someone categorizing you as victim of Obsessiveness and Compulsiveness make you feel better? Why should I bother naming my disease, it wont change the conditions. Maybe everybody should get to be named as a victim of a psychological syndrome so that we can all feel like victims worthy of pity as well as unique individuals that are problematically special.

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