18 November 2008

Just Because...

...my blog needed a little charm.

Long Day?

Today at my work we hosted a conversation between two good friends, Linda Barry and Matt Groening. Ms. Barry, in addition to giving many (and I mean many) LOLs, offered some wonderful advice regarding her work (her art) and the approach to creating such. I'll try to recount it. 

When people set out to create art (not necessarily art, work in general), many create their work thinking what it will get them. She likened the productions to a baby (in her case it was drawings). If your work is a baby, you dont produce it and then order it, "MAKE ME RICH, MAKE ME FAMOUS, MAKE MY DINNER, MAKE ME SUCCESSFUL!!" Rather, you tend to it, raise it, develop it, and let it grow and affect you positively. The same approach, she said, should be considered with any work. One can't draw one sketch and be let down when it fails to produce intergalactic stardom. The aim is to let the talent, creativity, motivation grow and be patient. Or do such simply because it gives one a simple pleasure. 

I hope my translation sufficed to convey the message. Her performance of the story was hilarious, and truly inspiring. 

You Put A Spell on Me..

What's the deal Britney? I know I'm a music pirate, but you didn't have to jinx me.

I've missed the bus four times since my previous story, and it's really starting to wear me down. It's only been 24 hours since I last recounted my prolonged wait for transportation. I mean the fresh beats I get to listen to are a nice emotional cushion, but it's starting to get a little frustrating. I was late to a meeting with an HR director at my work today and it wasn't a problem, but come on. I hope I don't miss the bus tomorrow morning. It's so sad to see it stop across the street and feel the surge of desire in me to sprint across Santa Monica Blvd. But I can't break out in a run, because I'd get hit. And look desperate. And heaven forbid we look desperate. 

So I beg you Brit, stop this hex!

17 November 2008

Sorry, Britney

Okay, I stole Britney Spears' new album, which I guess kind of makes me a hypocrite according to the RIAA, considering my previous anti-war post. 

But Britney, firstly, a BIG THANKS. I was walking to catch the bus this evening and as I approached the public transit vehicle it unapologetically sped off. But thanks to you, I gracefully (almost gleefully) waited for the next ride as you sassed your way through 'Circus.' In fact, the real difficulty was restraining myself from becoming a boost mobile commercial and assuming the role of an urban youngster wholeheartedly breaking out in dance at a public bus stop. I'm assuming they have commercials like that, I'm sure some cell phone provider does. Maybe it's a McDonald's commercial. Regardless, I'm lovin' it. 

But anyways, I'm going to say it--Circus is the best album of Ms. Spears' career. The infectious dance songs are not only in plenty but they're also surprising and fresh. As far as slowing down the beat goes, Britney means it here. These ballads are grade A, high school-slow dance cheese, exactly as they should be. They make me feel like a teenager in his prime again with the way they siphon wistful romantic emotions out me that I didn't even know existed. This album is good, I might even buy it. I really won't though because I have a low-paying job and I'm living off of federal funds, but the intent is totally there. Full review to follow. Maybe. Probably not.

See you on tour, Brit.

I am a Pacifist

Yes, that's right. I am a self-proclaimed anti-war personality. It's clear by now that the most, absurd, irrational thing that humans can do to each other is go to war. But then we all knew that. Or we'll suppose we do and just let it leak into our collective consciousness. 

Well today was a bad day for warmongers. They learned about the faulty grenades that are being sold to the government while also exploding without warning and deafening the ears and damaging the hands of those who carry them. Additionally, we all heard that the Gulf War illness is in fact a real disease affecting veterans from the conflict that Jean Baudrillard famously (and IMO rightly) declared "did not take place." Apparently memory and concentration problems, as well as an increased chance to suffer from ALS, are what you get when you're exposed to toxic chemicals intended to protect you from nerve gas. 

I'll leave us today with two things: first is an image of Picasso's Guernica (you may want to google it for a better size) to remind us of the nonsensical, dehumanizing aspects of war, and second is an article from the Onion that was published after 9/11 but recently resurfaced on Digg. As much as I maintain my deliberate attitude of incomprehensibility towards the notion of religion, this article (if read in entirety) can be slightly moving and almost insightful. Peace!


I just paid my rent for the month and I think I'm going to vomit.

16 November 2008


I just got home from a longer-than-expected trip to the library. I knew what I was planning to write about but for some reason I couldnt get my act together. Actually, I know exactly why it took me so long but I wont bore you with the details. Here are some delights: 

bye bye bull market: the end of wall street

theanyspacewhatever. i'd love to view it but i don't have the time, among other things.

i think what this is is pretty clear

black peter performing in ny

another reason to like madonna

shepard fairey's new poster. i think the intent is obvious.

goodnight, world.

15 November 2008

The Obscene

These images are going to occupy a large part of my brain for the next few days. I figured I'd let them at least pass through yours.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
all images: wikipedia

Just Marvelous

I love Bill Cunningham. It's always a nice surprise that brightens a dull internet-surfing session to find a new slideshow he's done. Mr. Cunningham reminds me of my loving, fabulous, keen-eyed grandfather that never existed. His classic New York accent and his penchant to use outdated-yet-unceasingly relevant adjectives put me at ease and give me the feel that I'm viewing street fashion through the eyes of a native New Yorker. I hope that as I age, I can maintain the broad, yet keen perspective and charming attitude that this fellow has come to embody. Here are some slideshows of his for you to enjoy, if you don't already.

Peeps -15 Nov 08

After-Party -8 Nov 08

Boo! -1 Nov 08

Joie de Vivre -17 Oct 2008

for more, come over here

image: getty