24 December 2008

Happy Christmas Eve, Iraqis!

I hope all of you are biting your nails in anticipation and behaving your best for Santa, because he's always watching you! Kind of like the CIA or the Bush Administration under the Patriot Act...
I found this fun (?) little tool, and I dont know if it's really informative or if it's just potentially ironic and grave. But anyways, you can put in an address or anything and see what the damaged area would be if it were subjected to an atomic bomb! Or any "WMD," for that matter... even the ones Saddam was allegedly using. Cool, huh!

So for example, if my school, UCLA, was bombed by the same weapon that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, then basically the whole campus would be obliterated and a lot of the surrounding homes in Bel-Air would be as well. Major bummer. Try it for yourself! It's interesting how someone can make a gadget dealing with atomic bombs and it's relatively fine, but if someone hypothetically made a tool where you could animate airplanes crashing into your favorite buildings, a few people might find it upsetting. Time can heal so much.

Merry Christmas!!

and Happy Fourth Day of Hannukah!

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