18 November 2008

Long Day?

Today at my work we hosted a conversation between two good friends, Linda Barry and Matt Groening. Ms. Barry, in addition to giving many (and I mean many) LOLs, offered some wonderful advice regarding her work (her art) and the approach to creating such. I'll try to recount it. 

When people set out to create art (not necessarily art, work in general), many create their work thinking what it will get them. She likened the productions to a baby (in her case it was drawings). If your work is a baby, you dont produce it and then order it, "MAKE ME RICH, MAKE ME FAMOUS, MAKE MY DINNER, MAKE ME SUCCESSFUL!!" Rather, you tend to it, raise it, develop it, and let it grow and affect you positively. The same approach, she said, should be considered with any work. One can't draw one sketch and be let down when it fails to produce intergalactic stardom. The aim is to let the talent, creativity, motivation grow and be patient. Or do such simply because it gives one a simple pleasure. 

I hope my translation sufficed to convey the message. Her performance of the story was hilarious, and truly inspiring. 

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