15 November 2008

Just Marvelous

I love Bill Cunningham. It's always a nice surprise that brightens a dull internet-surfing session to find a new slideshow he's done. Mr. Cunningham reminds me of my loving, fabulous, keen-eyed grandfather that never existed. His classic New York accent and his penchant to use outdated-yet-unceasingly relevant adjectives put me at ease and give me the feel that I'm viewing street fashion through the eyes of a native New Yorker. I hope that as I age, I can maintain the broad, yet keen perspective and charming attitude that this fellow has come to embody. Here are some slideshows of his for you to enjoy, if you don't already.

Peeps -15 Nov 08

After-Party -8 Nov 08

Boo! -1 Nov 08

Joie de Vivre -17 Oct 2008

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