17 November 2008

Sorry, Britney

Okay, I stole Britney Spears' new album, which I guess kind of makes me a hypocrite according to the RIAA, considering my previous anti-war post. 

But Britney, firstly, a BIG THANKS. I was walking to catch the bus this evening and as I approached the public transit vehicle it unapologetically sped off. But thanks to you, I gracefully (almost gleefully) waited for the next ride as you sassed your way through 'Circus.' In fact, the real difficulty was restraining myself from becoming a boost mobile commercial and assuming the role of an urban youngster wholeheartedly breaking out in dance at a public bus stop. I'm assuming they have commercials like that, I'm sure some cell phone provider does. Maybe it's a McDonald's commercial. Regardless, I'm lovin' it. 

But anyways, I'm going to say it--Circus is the best album of Ms. Spears' career. The infectious dance songs are not only in plenty but they're also surprising and fresh. As far as slowing down the beat goes, Britney means it here. These ballads are grade A, high school-slow dance cheese, exactly as they should be. They make me feel like a teenager in his prime again with the way they siphon wistful romantic emotions out me that I didn't even know existed. This album is good, I might even buy it. I really won't though because I have a low-paying job and I'm living off of federal funds, but the intent is totally there. Full review to follow. Maybe. Probably not.

See you on tour, Brit.

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