17 November 2008

I am a Pacifist

Yes, that's right. I am a self-proclaimed anti-war personality. It's clear by now that the most, absurd, irrational thing that humans can do to each other is go to war. But then we all knew that. Or we'll suppose we do and just let it leak into our collective consciousness. 

Well today was a bad day for warmongers. They learned about the faulty grenades that are being sold to the government while also exploding without warning and deafening the ears and damaging the hands of those who carry them. Additionally, we all heard that the Gulf War illness is in fact a real disease affecting veterans from the conflict that Jean Baudrillard famously (and IMO rightly) declared "did not take place." Apparently memory and concentration problems, as well as an increased chance to suffer from ALS, are what you get when you're exposed to toxic chemicals intended to protect you from nerve gas. 

I'll leave us today with two things: first is an image of Picasso's Guernica (you may want to google it for a better size) to remind us of the nonsensical, dehumanizing aspects of war, and second is an article from the Onion that was published after 9/11 but recently resurfaced on Digg. As much as I maintain my deliberate attitude of incomprehensibility towards the notion of religion, this article (if read in entirety) can be slightly moving and almost insightful. Peace!

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